Emerging Women Leaders Program

Course Overview

As you step into leadership, do you find that you keep having to prove yourself in the role? When you speak, are you constantly wondering if you are being too aggressive, just being assertive or not assertive enough? Do you feel the need to be extra nice to get things done?

The Program is delivered in a personalised, socialised and contextualised way. It covers issues unique to women operating in a typically male-dominated corporate environment where the ‘double-bind’ in an invisible but prominent reality.

An Executive Leadership Coach delivers the Program using a coaching approach through a combination of individual and small group sessions for up to five participants. Rather than focusing on teaching theory, the Executive Coach will engage participants together in a thought-provoking and creative process to convert well-known theory into practical actions uniquely applicable to your workplace context.

**For more experienced Executive Leaders, the Program can be delivered in a personalised one-on-one manner, tailored to the needs of the individual or organisation

Why this Program?

The Emerging Women Leaders Program (the Program) is for women who want to become successful and significant leaders on their own terms. The Program will support women to intentionally become the kind of leaders who inspire by being comfortable in their own skin and who bring their best selves to their leadership.

Who is this Program for?

The Program is designed for women who have had 5-7 years’ experience and are ready and committed to accepting greater managerial and leadership responsibilities.

Key Outcomes

The Program will transform you and enable you to thrive as a leader by:

  • Catalysing new insights that will help broaden your mindset to be expansive and resourceful. With that, you will be able to tap into your inherent wisdom to find your own authentic leadership approach suitable to your organisational context.
  • Providing a mutually supportive environment whereby you will contribute to and benefit from perspectives, experiences and creativity of the other participants. The diversity in a group will allow you to observe, in a new light, and reassess your own habitual ways of doing and being.
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Program Delivery

The Program will be delivered over six months via 12 small group sessions and 2 individual (one-on-one) sessions. There will be a welcome and closing session - and each module will be covered in two 4-hour group sessions per month. Participants can schedule their individual 1-hour sessions at any time during the six-month period.

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Mode of Delivery

Sessions are held virtually via an online video chat facility, with provision for face-to-face sessions, when possible.

Pre-session Preparation

In advance of each upcoming session, you will be required to dedicate up to two hours undertaking inter-session activities. This includes documenting your reflections on a curated set of prescribed articles, videos, podcasts and other online material.