My Personal Story for Success

Course Overview

We are all story-tellers.

We make sense of our lives by taking individual ‘pieces’ of experiences and knitting them together into one story to create meaning.

Our story is unique.

Two people growing up under the same circumstances can tell each of their stories very differently.

That’s because each person has their own identify and interpretation of the same set of facts. Can you think of examples where you have experienced this?

Research shows that the story we tell of ourselves is central to everything we do, learn, and aspire to. Our story shapes the meaning, purpose and ultimately the success of our life ahead.

Why this Program?

The main purpose of the coaching program is to help you identify and explore your story, and then to reinterpret your story to that enables in a more meaningful, purposeful and successful life. As a secondary goal, the Program will also enhance your public speaking skills.

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Program Outline

This program lasts for three sessions; split by one session per week, or three consecutive days.

Some homework in between each day, mostly
involving self-reflection, observations, lots
of journaling.